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International Law Enforcement Training Agency Greece [I.L.E.T.A]

The International Law Enforcement Training Agency was established in 1976, first as the Police Defensive Tactics Study Group of the Combat Training Team, based at the then Royal Marines Commando Depot in Deal, Kent. In 1982, after inclusion in the International Bodyguard Association, it was renamed the Law Enforcement Training Association with Lucien Ott as it’s' First President. The purpose initially was to pioneer Lucien Ott's 'Defense et Security' method for Law Enforcement personnel in Government, Police and the Armed Forces, and later in the Private Security Industry.

Between 1976 and 1985 it was responsible for training Police officers from the following British Constabularies: Metropolitan Police, Merseyside, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex, Devon & Cornwall and West Yorkshire in Police Defensive Tactics, Methods of Arrest and Restraint, Police Impact Weaponry. Police officers from the Liege Anti-Bandit Unit and 20 Municipalities and Special Units were trained in Belgium.

In 1980, as part of Operation Peacekeeper the EST (SWAT) team of the principal US Bases were trained at RAF Alconbury and prior to its’ closure the Security Police at RAF Lakenheath were trained in Police Defensive Tactics and Police Impact Weapons.
The Security Staff at Debenhams in Oxford Street became the first private security unit to be trained in Arrest and Restraint and the use of handcuffs during the early 1980s.

Some of ILETA’s conventional SECURITY courses that you can offer:

  • Basic Guard Course  
  • Commercial Properties Security Officers  
  • Hotel Security Officers Course  
  • Event Security Officers Course  
  • Diplomatic Premises Security Officers Course 
  • Venue (Club/Bar) Security Officers Course  
  • AV (CCTV) Operators Course                
  • Resort Security Officers Course  
  • Store Detective Course  
  • Cash/Valuables Transport Course  
  • Shop/Supermarket Security Course.  
  • High Value Courier Course  
  • Defense and Restraint Tactics 
  • First Person on Sence (Level I - III)

All these courses can also be provided at Team Leader and Manager Level ILETA.

SPECIALIST TRAINING ILETA HELLAS provides specialist training through its Specialist Bureau


CONTRACTUAL TRAINING: ILETA HELLAS can enter into contracts with client s to provide specialist training to Government services, Police, Military, Corporations, and Companies on a partnership basis



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